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Status: New idea

If you're like me and like to be able to quickly check like 50-100 websites multiple times a day, so you just keep them pinned, you're top bar ends up becoming more pinned tabs than "adhoc searching the internet" tabs, and there's less space to navigate those.

I suggest a couple different "pinned tab overflow"" options that'd help users like me. ie

-  tabs could move to a 2nd row below the first set, maybe even with the option to overlap or shade the other row if they're not all visible equally, or maybe a carousel with a dial you can fling left or right.

- tabs could have this behavior automatically if the width of said pinned tabs begins to exceed a user adjustable x% of the current window size or overall desktop resolution, as to preserve some space for all the other random browsing.

- tabs could truncate or overlap left to right a bit more and maybe a mouse curse over would bring focus to the one to make it easier to click and see it's icon, but still somehow preserve enough visibility of the icons between tabs to know which is which.

that's all for now, maybe i just need to get back into using bookmarks, but I'd like too see this behavior integrated into firefox somehow.

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