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Status: New idea

Please consider providing a palette of choices (in addition to yellow). l find it frustrating that I cannot tag my messages as being Urgent, Family, Financial, Long-Neglected Friend, etc.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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@staroption: Please, specify the product for which you're submitting an idea 🙂.


@Jon: (This is a TOTALLY unrelated side-note, about this webpage interface, to be forwarded as appropriate since I have no clue where it *ought* to be sent:  As I write this comment in the InputBox, if in the note to staroption, I select the space before the 🙂 -- which was added using the toolbar above the InputBox rather than any other way, in case that makes a difference -- it cannot be deleted with the Delete or Backspace keys.  If I select it along with any other characters, the same keys also do not delete anything.  Nor can a selection that includes it be replaced with typing.  A selection that includes it CAN be replaced by pasting from the clipboard.  However, when I copied a space character from this part of the comment and pasted it over that space, the new space behaved the same way.  It doesn't seem to be a special character.  The space before the emoji in this part of the comment also behaves the same way.  To complete analysis and testing, using the windows key-plus-period emoji chooser dialog to put this 🙂 here, the space before that emoji does not behave the same way.  ...  If you'd pass that along to the correct people, that would be great.  It's mostly curious, but a little obstructive.  Thanks for all you, and all you guys, do!)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @pootmonkey

Thanks for the heads up! I'm gonna send you a DM to get some more info and look into this.