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Many children are using Firefox to surf the internet. While it is a place for knowledge, internet is also a dark place. So Firefox can introduce built in kids mode as of like in Microsoft Edge or even better than that.

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A kid-friendly web browser is like any other browser other browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari), with one exception. The content is usually curated, meaning all searches will avoid the bad parts of the internet.
It’s just designed to protect kids online. Each browser focuses on certain features, such as security or faster download times. A browser for kids focuses on limiting access to specific types of content.
Browsers for kids aren’t necessarily able to keep kids from seeking harmful pages. They may be curious about something they saw on a show or heard in school and want to search for it.

Though the Firefox browser does not feature built-in parental controls, parents can install a third-party extension to filter explicit material on the web.

Just my idea, can Firefox design it for Kid?

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Parental control, or the function of blocking dangerous sites

Nowadays, the Internet is filled with a bunch of dangerous sites 18+ and brutality of murders, please make a built-in function, the ability to control or block such sites.

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yes that's right, my son sometimes surfs the web for learning purposes, but there are some websites displaying porn ads, gambling and so on.

it's also good if Firefox takes control from the beginning of surfing the internet.

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Child protection with or built in to Firefox

my problem is! im trying to set up a laptop for my grand daughter (12) so she is protected from some of the terrible things that are accidentality viewed or deliberately linked, posted or sent, so i went to microsoft child account an what a wast of time that was, she has to have an email address and or phone number neither of which she has. the MS child safety needs both also an MS account. in her case she now has a local windows account. having found loads of info on what i need to do!! i get comments by the dozens an dozens, the only comments i get good luck with trying make this work reading between the lines nobody seems to of been able to make the MS solution work, an it really does seem like that. my idea would be with all the security built in to firefox. i dont think it would be to much of a step to make firefox suitable and safe for children to surf the net, run it on an admin account with passwords and control of content, maybe even to the point of taking control of the desktop under the admin rules. im sure it will need refining, but iv spent many day trying to find software to do the job, i did i found child safe software till it crashed it all i had to start in the reg to fix an remove files so i could make windows run again. so i thought of firefox complete with a VPN. i feel sure this could be a potential new market. there seems to little or nothing to do this special job. thank you

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Two mode of users in FF, Admin and "kids"

Hello, sorry, I don't speak realy english but I m trying to make internet more safe for my kids and I trying two addons (block site and public fox) But public fox is'nt good, and contain bugs.

I think that is a good idea to make two types of users in FF.

User Administrator for me and a normal user without acces to any options and settings for my kids. No access to help and co, just surfing on the sites i have configured in a white list. I think if in the "block site" add on, we can set a password, all the problem is closed.

Thank you very much.

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thank u o_O

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I would love to see this!