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Taking screenshots is a good tool but it needs more improvement. After capturing we should able to add some shapes or pencil draws on it and share. Should be similar to Microsoft edge but more advanced. They have a just pencil tool. You can add arrows, circles, and squares, and text to point out some important areas.

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Making moves



This feature - or enabling this feature with an extension - is on our roadmap. There are a few open questions, mostly around which tools are required to make this useful to the most people. Or even if that common set exists? For some, the ability to draw arrows and label things is must-have. Others just need to freehand draw circles or arrows & lines. That's why I'd personally like to find a way to provide the capture part of the flow in Firefox itself, and hand-off the resulting image to extensions which can be tailored to different use cases and communities. But its not yet clear (to me at least) how that would work with the existing set of web extension APIs.