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Status: New idea

Since the default text size on all my phones and tablets is almost always ignored, I want the text size, colours to be MINE, not that of someone else!!   I see all kinds of methods to zoom areas , etc - when a simple button would do the trick.  And colours?  Pink on white anyone?  White on puke green?  Really? 

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Community Manager

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Making moves

I think a more precise description is, create an accessible way to let one force increase/decrease text size in phones / tablet that either
(i) independent of other things such as images and layout (the oldest way of text zooming in computer browsers) or
(ii) both text and images sized up, but let text auto wrap at the end of screen (like what zoom in do in current desktop browsers)

Reader's mode, while useful is not always appropriate as it reloads the webpage, trims too many text sometimes, and lost interactive capacity of the original webpage.


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I have issues reading a lot text and this would be huge for me.   yes I can zoom but half the time I end up having to scroll left and right to read text.  I just want the text larger and let the page layout still fit my screen.   I would be happy if the desktop version settings "Language and Appearance" was added to the IOS version.

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exactly what @billyswong said.