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Status: New idea

I would like to suggest some improvements to history, in particular searching, viewing history, and following history links.

I would like it if history were searchable separately from other searches. For example, I am looking for something that I know I viewed yesterday, so I don't need to do an internet search or a bookmark search, but can find it in my history - except that's a lot of links to review.  Context-appropriate searching makes sense here.

When viewing history and long-pressing an item, the application selects the link rather than giving you the context menu which would allow opening that link in a new tab. Granted, one can access the menu at the top right to open in a new tab, it's just a different application pattern and takes more steps for the user.

When following a link from history, there is no way to get back to history. I would expect the behavior to be similar to any other page, where the back button not only places you on the appropriate page but it places you at the correct location within that page. As is, history use is fairly limited (it's faster to do a new search than to use history, in most cases).


Search implemented in version 98 which will be rolling out to users in about a week.

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@KevinBrosnanI'm using build 99.2.0 and can't find anything like a history search on android