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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Firefox View is great, but there doesn't seem to be a shortcut to quick-switch to its tab, which isn't accessible via Ctrl+1–9.

Thoughts on assigning either Ctrl+` (backtick) or Ctrl+0 for this purpose? I think Ctrl+` is preferable, because View is pinned as the first tab, and it's also less likely to be accidentally pressed. Activating the shortcut would open the View tab if the user's on a non-View tab, or restore the user's previous tab if they are on the View tab.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

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Making moves

would also love to see a keyboard shortcut here

I feel like ctr+` would work well on mac too. it wouldn't put it into the same flow of jumping to tabs by their number, like OP suggested. but it would keep it in a familiar flow of ctrl+tab to cycle through tabs in order, with just a slight reach up to hit ctrl+` to jump straight to FF View

Making moves

Yes, Firefox View is so cool. ctrl+` is easy to perform.

New member

Couldn't believe there isn't a keyboard shortcut for it already.

I too believe Ctrl+` could work. But any shortcut is already better than none (as it currently is)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Speaking of keyboard shortcuts...

One of our Firefox Product Managers is exploring potential changes around hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts and just kicked off a discussion thread here on Connect to gather more insights from the community. Check it out and feel free to add your input — it's a great way to speak directly with the product team. Here's a link to the thread:

Hotkeys? Yes, please! 

Hope to see ya there 💪