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Making moves
Status: Delivered

Currently Firefox View lacks a search function


Example from Tab Manager Plus


Tab Manager Plus is missing a "clear search"  function

Here are some nice things you can do with this

Drag these tabs as a group, to a specific window

You can press the following button, to move all selected tabs to a new windows


You can press the following button to close all these tabs


You can also Pin, Discard, Hide Tabs


You can add or remove to the  selection with right click, and groups of tabs with shift click




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Hey all,

Good news...

Search in Firefox View is currently being worked on and will hopefully be shipped in Fx 122.

Please feel free to keep the conversation going and stay tuned for more updates 😀

Making moves

Yes, need a search function in firefox view

Making moves

That's great, looking forward to something better than the now abandonned Tab Manager Plus.

But to switch I would need feature parity with TMP !

Whoever is working on this, I recommend you install Tab Manager Plus

But the default config is unusable.

You really have to change the following setting to make TMP good to use (this is why this addon failed to become popular and was abandonned in my opinion, bad default settings !)

Ok so when you install it, go to settings

Enable Dark Mode

Enable "Open in own tab by default"

exit settings

Now click on the TMP icon and next click the layout button multiple times until you have "Switch to Vertical View"

Vertical View is the best.

Now things I don't like about TMP

Dark mode is colored rather than neutral gray

You can only open one TMP tab, so when you click on the TMP icon and you already have a TMP tab, it will raise and show you the TMP tab on which ever window that tab was (which is disorienting and makes you lose you place). Firefox View already solves this because every window has a Firefox View tab so that's great.  I tried doing that by pinning the TMP tab and using Active Pinned Tabs, but that add-on actually moves tabs from window to window which is disturbing because it makes the tab bar shift positions every time focus changes, making you mis-click tabs !

Ok first thing that Firefox View REALLY needs is, the ability to select tabs.

I would like right click to open the context menu to that tab, but that might be too hard.

TMP's right click behaviour is similar to CTRL-click for file selection in the microsoft explorer file manager.

Right click was not really how we do things, and it took a little while to get used to right click not opening a context menu. However, it does work very well. Also something I really like about TMP is that you will not easily lose your entire selection due to just one mis-click.

One thing I don't like from TMP, if the focused window changes, the order of the tabs will get shuffled, this already is not a problem in Firefox View.

Function that are now needed in Firefox View.

Firefox View treats the tabs as links. If you middle click them, it will open that URL's tab in your current window. This is not useful.

Instead middle click, should close that tab in the window where it is.

Also, left click behaviour is kind of weird, does it open a new tab in the current window ?

Ah now I understand, In Firefox View, we are not seeing a representation of all windows and their tabs, instead this is lists like "Recent Browsing/Open Tabs/Recently closed tabs/tabs from other devices/history". You have to go to Open Tabs and then click View All, and then for each window click Show More

I would like, by default, at the top of Firefox View, should always show Every window, and every tab in every window, no clicking view all / show more.  It should always show every window and every tab.

Recent Browsing is a little confusing, it is a view of Open Tabs/Recently Closed tabs/Tabs from other device but not History. I actually like having access to those other lists, but "Recent browsing" list of list seems arbitrary. In fact this should be configurable the user.  What is included in what pages. Me I want the default view to be every window and every tab whenever I click on Firefox View.



Ok another feature from TMP that Firefox View needs.  


When you have selected tabs, you should be able to drag and drop the selected tabs to another window. The tabs should be moved to that window at the location shown (it could be within tabs, as when you drag and drop regular selected tabs on the tab bar)

When you have selected tabs, there should be a "New window button" somewhere visible at all times. This button will create a new window and move all selected tabs to that window.

There should be a search, this search should be as powerful as the search from Voidtools Everything. By default text matching should only match tab URL and tab titles. But like Everything software, there should be keywords that let you search more complex patterns, wildcards, tab properties and tab actual content

When you type in the search, the selection of tabs should change in realtime on every keypress like in TMP.

If I haven't said it before, middle clicking a tab should close it.

There should be a button, always visible, which closes all selected tabs.

The Firefox View should have the total number of currently openned tabs on the icon (TMP cannot display a count of more than 1000 tabs)

There should be a button to select all duplicates. There should be a way to close all but one of each duplicates.

Option to pin selected tabs

Option to hide selected tabs

Option to hide only non-selected tabs

Option to discard selected tabs (discard, as opposed to close, which is to delete the tab virtual machine state snapshot from memory, it reduces a tab to just an URL)

Button to close a whole window

Button to minimize a window

A visual indicator on each tab to see if it is active state or discarded state

A way to give a window a name (example, a category name) (also give the tab a colour ?)

Ability to open the tab context menu but perform the click for all selected tabs at once (for example, mute all selected tabs, or send selected tabs to device or any of the tab context menu actions)

Any action that can be performed on all selected tabs, should be possible to perform on all unselected tabs.  Perhaps a button to invert selection ?


Ability to manage bookmarks as if they were currently openned tabs in windows

Ability to select all tabs in one particular window

Any selection method, it should be possible to either change the selection to that select, or add the selection to the current select. Example if you select all tabs in one window. I could want my selection to be all the tabs in that window or "add all the tabs in that window to my current selection"  which would be the current behaviour of ctrl-click in most context


As for simple tab select. If we're going with right click.

Right click selects or unselects a tab (single right click should only affect the selection status of that tab, not select ONLY that tab (lose the current selection))

Rightclicking a tab but then shift-rightclicking another tab in the same window, should select (or unselect if they were all selected) all tabs between the two right clicked tabs


Again, really spend some quality time with Tab Manager Plus, try to manage 1000+ tabs on a daily basis, you will see what is needed.


Ah also, there needs to be a way to pin bookmark folders as a drop target in Firefox View. I really want to be able to select a bunch of tab across many windows, and then MOVE (or copy at my choise)  all those tabs into a bookmarks folder. Both in Firefox View, or directly in a folder in my bookmarks toolbar







Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

High fives all around—a search feature was delivered in Fx 123 🙌

From the Release Notes: "We’ve integrated search into Firefox View. You can now search through all of the tabs on each of the section subpages - Recent Browsing, Open Tabs, Recently Closed Tabs, Tabs from other devices, or History."

Check it out and let us know what you think.

As always, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you all here on Connect!