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Making moves
Status: New idea

Firefox is #3 memory hog on my Samsung phone, at 478MB. Why can't development team make the changes to let users move app & data to external (micro SD) storage? Here's a few of my installed apps that DO support this:

Google Photos | Pocket  | PBS | Stocard | VLC | Netflix

version 103 on Android 9

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Moving to the SD card can greatly affect the performance, security and stability of Firefox. We have intentionally opted out of this Android option for Firefox.

Making moves

I appreciate getting a response, but naturally I'm disappointed. I will comment, without having made performance measurements, that the below apps (and others) are reliable and satisfactory running from SD card. I admit some are more complex than others.

Google Photos
Fios tv mobile

New member

I had this exact same complaint about Firefox Android app nearly two years ago, though I had posted it on a different venue:

I'm using it on an Android-Go 10 phone which has limited internal memory though I have plenty of memory on the SD card, 64 GB. As such, I've had to constantly clear app cache data to keep available internal memory sufficiently available. I can't agree with the app running slow as ALL Microsoft and Adobe apps I've installed on this Android phone ARE ALL SMART ENOUGH to detect that there's a lot more available disc space on the SD card and thus have ALL AUTOMATICALLY installed there. So I could hardly find that explanation holding much water if both Microsoft and Adobe apps already do this automatically and are smart enough to install automatically to the most available spaced location. Firefox Android is a major space hog.

Making moves

Such an option would also help users to easily retrieve their personal data in case the phone breaks down. An SD card can be easily taken out. The internal memory is not so easy to remove, meaning it will be difficult to clear a malfunctioning phone of personal data before sending it somewhere for repair. If there are performance issues with running from SD Card - well, keep it optional and users can decide, which kind of compromise they prefer.