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Status: New idea

once installed, If the addon developer doesn't include a link, theres no way to get the original URL without doing a search.

Such a necessary feature somehow not implemented.

Some developers switch out their extensions and upload a new one with the same name and hide the old one.

no way to tell which one you have.


Strollin' around

Yes, and I don't understand why a basic function like this wasn't implemented from the start.

I used to use a workaround by clicking on the "Reviews" link at the bottom of an addon's page in the addon manager tab (about:addons), which took me to the addon's AMO reviews web page, which itself contains the link to its [addon] home page : but I've just noticed today that even this "Reviews" link has disappeared from the addon manager tab.​ I just don't get it.​

Making moves

+1 agreed!


Hi Folks,

On desktop, one can use the rating link @GGoih64jh  mentioned. Starting from Firefox 117, that rating link is always visible for add-ons installed from AMO:

On Android: Starting from Firefox 120, one can always access the add-on listing page by tapping on Details > Rating, as explained at

Thanks -- Ed