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Status: In development

Since update 98.0 32 bit, whenever a file is downloaded, a popup appears that never used to be. It's kind of annoying. Now I have to click the arrow to make it go away.

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I too am here, to say i dont like this new "pop-up" download window.... Its fine if you guy wanna experiment so i challenge the company to experiment with an "turn off this feature" button for those who dont want the newest thing. Please and thank you 😄

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I too do not like the new "pop up download window" feature.

Ii have a challenge for the makers of this browser, Create a "turn off feature" option for those who dont want the newest thing. Customization works well for video games.. im sure it will work for you.

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On a scale of 1-10, the annoyance of this is  90.

This was one of the reasons I dropped Chrome, now i'm opting to Opera GX because it doesn't have this **bleep** there.

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Kill it with FIRE!

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Good day!

I wanna suggest to stop the download window from popping-up every time I download any type of file.
It is kinda annoying that it always pops-up by its own and I have to manually click somewhere to make the download window disappear 😞

This happened after just updating mozilla firefox to version 99.0.1
i kinda regretted updating 😞

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Whenever I have to download some files, the pop-up practically robs me 25% of my working screen, interferes with whatever I am doing and forces me to close it in order to keep going.

Mozilla ops explained that "it helps many users with retrieving downloaded files". I see your point, and it's great that you try to satisfy users' needs like this, but for a lot more of other users this change is a real nuisance. I had to resort to another browsers a couple of times to get things done, which was a headache.

The only  solution Mozilla gave us was to customize the toolbar and remove the download icon. What? That icon is useful, guys! We like that icon, but we simply don't want to deal with the obnoxious pop-ups all the time. So, why don't you make them a customizable option? So we can just easily click on the very download icon in the toolbar, then check a nice sub-menu where you can choose wether you want things the good old way or this new notification. Ah, you could add a third option to adjust the pop-up size, as well.

Thanks for your time.

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all, 

Exciting news...

This idea plus supporting comments have been shared with the product team, and we're happy to report back that this will be fixed in an upcoming release (102). Please feel free to follow along on Bugzilla for more info or stay tuned here 😃

-The Community Team