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Status: In development

Since update 98.0 32 bit, whenever a file is downloaded, a popup appears that never used to be. It's kind of annoying. Now I have to click the arrow to make it go away.

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Ditto the above re: the download panel. Bad idea if you can't turn it off without going into about:config, which not everyone is going to know about or be happy about tinkering with.

Not user-friendly, if you're hoping to attract new users / keep old ones.

Originally tried the as noted in online discussions on older FFs, but nothing.

jscher2000 's suggested did work, however. Thanks for that.

Not sure why a change in the toolbar's appearance wouldn't be enough to signify a completed download, with the user clicking it for the download panel if they wanted more info?

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@jscher2000's solution worked for me! Thank you so much

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@jscher2000Thank you, that suggestion solved the problem for me.

It's back to the old simple behaviour, when you could just see download progress as a simple circular animation, with the option to click it if you want to see details about the file.

Too bad they didn't include an explicit option for this. Maybe it's too small a detail to create an option for.

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Hiding the download panel button isn't a solution, it's a poor workaround that defeats the purpose of having the button enabled in the first place. Please revert this change or add the option to disable the automatic pop up into the main settings instead of just through the about:config settings.

Making moves

Greetings, I agree with the community; it's the worst experience for advanced users. it's annoying, distracting and  resembles the worst part of google chrome. I like the progress icon of a download and whenever I want to retrieve the fie, I just need to click the icon and that menu appears. I don't want to hide the icon as someone suggested, that's the easy answer of lazy people; your upgrade was a mistake and I understand the responsible want to justify it. It would be better if you ask for suggestions instead of applying things.

Keep things that works and change things that don't, not otherwise.

Please, fix it. Thanks.

Making moves

I see the unwanted download popup gets bigger and bigger until it covers a large part of the screen. Evidently, it was done to help some people who can't find their downloads after they downloaded them. I'd suggest they learn how to use their devices instead of plaguing the rest of us with this very annoying addition that we can't control. We need to be able to turn it off. Are you listening, Mozilla?

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I hate this! IT BLOCKS WHAT l'M READING ON A PAGE HALF THE TIME! And you claim the majority of people aren't capable of clicking the DL icon to get the exact same list?  REALLY?!?  You claim they cannot find their downloads?  MAybe MAYBE you should create a download folder for them BWAHAHAAHAHAahahahaahah  then, BWAHAHAAhahahhasashaha they can find their downloads HAHAahahaahahaahha, wipes tears from eyes.

It's getting to the point the INET just isn't worth it.  Gotta take two days to fix your crap every time you force an update.  Well, the .001% were whining, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Why not give us back the option to not show the message again.   And why is there longer a link to "new features"?  I'd never download something without knowing what I'm downloading.

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The new download popup is Very Annoying and Very Distracting.  Please please turn it off or make it an option in settings.  I am just a humble layperson who doesn't understand GeekSpeak, and the popup on the downloads is just awful.

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As you say, it is a bad change.