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Status: New idea

Dear Mozilla Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm a dedicated user of Firefox and have been contemplating a feature that could potentially elevate the browser's privacy and security offerings.

Considering the increasing importance of online privacy, has Mozilla ever considered partnering with reputable VPN services like:




CyberGhost VPN,



Hotspot Shield,

Norton Secure VPN,

Atlas VPN,

Australia VPN Proxy Betternet,


Integrating such partnerships directly into Firefox could provide users with seamless access to enhanced privacy features, fostering a stronger commitment to online security.

This collaboration could not only attract users who prioritize privacy but also establish Firefox as a leader in promoting a safer online experience. Users would benefit from the convenience of an integrated VPN solution, simplifying the process of safeguarding their online activities.

I believe this partnership could be a significant step forward in meeting the evolving needs of internet users and further solidifying Mozilla's commitment to privacy and security.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


1. **Enhanced Privacy:** Users can enjoy an extra layer of privacy with a seamlessly integrated VPN service within Firefox.

2. **Simplified Security:** Streamlined access to VPN services directly from the browser simplifies the process of securing online activities.

3. **User Convenience:** Eliminate the need for users to download and set up a separate VPN client by offering an integrated solution.

4. **Trusted Partnerships:** Collaborating with reputable VPN services like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and others ensures users have access to trusted and reliable security measures.

5. **Wider Network Options:** Users can choose from a variety of VPN providers, catering to different preferences and needs.

6. **Global Accessibility:** Access to servers worldwide through VPN services enhances users' ability to navigate content without geographical restrictions.

7. **Seamless User Experience:** Integration offers a smooth and cohesive user experience, reducing potential friction in using VPN services.

8. **Automatic Updates:** Ensuring the integrated VPN services stay up-to-date with the latest security protocols and features.

9. **One-Click Activation:** Simplify the activation of VPN protection with a single click, making it more accessible for a broader audience.

10. **Cross-Platform Consistency:** Provide a consistent VPN experience across various platforms where Firefox is used.

11. **Performance Optimization:** Optimize VPN settings for better performance within the Firefox browser environment.

12. **User Education:** Integrate educational resources to inform users about the importance of VPNs and how to make the most of this feature.

13. **Customization Options:** Allow users to customize their VPN preferences and settings to meet their specific needs.

14. **Enhanced Anonymity:** Strengthen user anonymity by offering multiple options for masking IP addresses through different VPN providers.

15. **Security Audits:** Regularly audit and ensure the security of integrated VPN services to maintain user trust.

16. **User Support:** Collaborate with VPN partners to provide dedicated support for Firefox users, addressing any issues promptly.

17. **Transparent Privacy Policies:** Ensure transparency by clearly communicating the privacy policies and data protection practices associated with integrated VPN services.

18. **Resource Efficiency:** Optimize resource usage to ensure that the integrated VPN feature does not significantly impact browser performance.

19. **Geo-Blocked Content Access:** Facilitate access to content that may be restricted based on geographical location.

20. **Browser-Wide Protection:** Extend VPN protection beyond browsing, safeguarding other online activities conducted through Firefox.

21. **Educational Pop-ups:** Implement educational pop-ups to inform users about the benefits and proper usage of the integrated VPN.

22. **Free Trials:** Collaborate with VPN partners to provide free trials, allowing users to experience the benefits before committing.

23. **Enhanced Encryption:** Ensure that the integrated VPN services offer robust encryption protocols for user data protection.

24. **Community Feedback Integration:** Encourage user feedback to continually improve the integrated VPN feature based on real-world usage experiences.

25. **Emergency Kill Switch:** Integrate emergency kill switch functionality to immediately disconnect the VPN in case of unexpected issues.

26. **DNS Leak Prevention:** Implement measures to prevent DNS leaks, enhancing the overall security of the integrated VPN.

27. **Incognito Mode Synergy:** Enhance privacy features by integrating VPN functionality seamlessly with Firefox's incognito mode.

28. **Browser Compatibility:** Ensure compatibility with various browser extensions and add-ons while using integrated VPN services.

29. **Regular Feature Updates:** Commit to regular updates and improvements based on user feedback and technological advancements.

30. **Global Server Accessibility:** Collaborate with VPN partners to provide a wide array of servers globally, offering users options for optimal performance and accessibility.

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