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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Currently I have two options in "Account Settings" under "End-to-End Encryption" for sending messages:

o Disable encryption for new messages

o Enable encryption for new message

If I choose "Disable" I will have to remember, if the recipient might have a cert or key I already know or look it up. But usually I do forget encryption then completely and send unencrypted messages, even if it would be possible. If I choose "Enable", I will have to turn encryption off manually for every recipient I don't have a cert or key for.

Thunderbird knows about all keys and certs I already received, so it can select the best possible encryption itself.

I would like to recommend a third option for the settings:

o Encrypt, if possible

When selected, Thunderbird will use encryption for every message I write to recipients with certs or keys I already received and won't encrypt, when it's not possible.

Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

The following happens, when the option "Disable encryption for new messages" is set.

The "Encrypt" button is activated automatically, when I'm replying to an encrypted message (Thunderbird is then acting against the preferred setting).

"Disable" should mean: always disable. "Enable" should mean: always enable".

And "Enable, if possible" should give us all more security (what is why people setup PGP or S/MIME).


New member

Up to v60 there was an addon that used the user fields in the address book to control whether an email was encrypted. After that Mozilla changed things which broke that addon. It was called "security settings from address book".

I could go rhough my address book ONCE and add encrypt to the user field and Thunderbird would encrpyt messages when sent. I always sign all messages. If the receiptient didn't have a valid certificate I would get an error when attempting encryption.

I support Phade'ss suggestion. We need something that doesn't default to no encryption and doesn't require a number of additional mouse clicks and remembering "oh, hell, this person wants encrypted emails". 

On it says "Make Email Easier". Whilst there may be a valid reason for breaking the functionality, the change certainly did not make email easier. It made encryption and digital signatures more cumbersome.

I'm talking about S/Mime. There are a few issues with OpenPGP that make using it infuriating so that quickly got removed from my PC.


Strollin' around

Full Ack. I used this plugin until it was broken. I would love to see this functionality back in TB.