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Status: New idea


Currently it's not possible to edit the URL for saved passwords, and sometimes the URL for the saved login changes, and the old one becomes invalid meaning you would have to resave the same details for another URL.

If this can be considered that would be great.

New member

please just add in details to include url as a saved and changeable data like username and passwords to edit

New member

Please add the option to edit URL of saved login. I stumbled across a scenario, where our company has several services on addresses like https://portal/service1 and https://portal/service2. When I save credentials while logging into service1, it saves them for URL https://portal, so when I want to save credentials for service2, it will override those for service1. It would all be solved if I could edit URL from https://portal to https://portal/service1.

New member

Adding path to filter password for same site but different paths would be great. I'm using reverse proxy to publish my services say,


Each of the services above are a site of their own.

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I have devices on my local network which move around at least until I configure a static route it gets pretty painful when I add a suggested strong password, only to find it hopped addresses after rebooting and I have to type it in, or find it if it is not a device I often login to.  I just had one that won't accept a pasted password, I had to type in 15 strong passwords till I finally found the correct one.