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When using Private Windows, Firefox will occasionally force me to close out all my tabs because it says it needs to update. It _says_ that it will restore all the tabs, but this isn't true for Private Windows. I suggest that users not be lied to and not be forced to lose all their progress, because this makes me not want to use Firefox.

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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! It is now open for voting (kudos) and comments.


Right, it can't be true for private windows because those tabs are not written to disk. Unfortunately, by the time you get that screen, it's probably too late to do anything with the information anyway.

For more control of update timing, you can use the "Check for updates but let you choose to install them" choice on the Settings/Preferences page.

(Note that if you use a version of Firefox customized by a particular Linux distribution, the package manager may override the built-in setting and install updates in the background.)

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agree, there should be a better option to "save" your private browsing session rather than to just select all tabs and bookmark them - which I do when update notification becomes really annoying and I have time, however, re-opening these bookmarked tabs is similarly annoying.

I'm using private mode pretty much all the time and when there is an update, then firefox usually waits for couple of days, and then forces restart, losing all opened tabs. same happens when there is memory overload on linux (debian) and firefox crashes due to it - not able to restore tabs, only the most recent ones which I remember.

I see 2 options to solve it: allow firefox to have a selection for users in private mode to save the session either once or constantly.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all! In case you're interested, a Product Manager from the Firefox Desktop team is currently leading a discussion about private windows here: Private Windows on Firefox 

This is a great chance to connect with our product team and play a role in improving this feature, so feel free to join the conversation 😃