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I've been using and absolutely loving Firefox for almost two decades now. But as the browser continually grows and adapts to fit the needs of its users, I feel that the menus (header menus and right-click menus) are becoming unnecessarily long. My suggestion is to allow us users to deactivate (toggle off) menu options that we don't use.

How? This shouldn't require any major overhauls of Firefox. No features would actually need to be disabled within the software itself. It could be as simple as right-clicking on a menu option and clicking something like "hide this feature"... which would simply cause it to be grayed out. Or better yet, gray it out and move it to the bottom of the menu list. For consistency, I would recommend that any item that is grayed out in the header menus should simultaneously become grayed out in the right-click menus (and vice versa).

Why? I'm definitely not a power user and actually don't even know how to use many of the menu options. It sometimes feels a bit overwhelming when I right-click on something and am presented with an enormous list of menu options. I sometimes see 18-20 menu options when right-clicking. But I only want to see the options that I use. I guess I'm a minimalist. Less is so much better for me.

I'm just a guy who loves using Firefox as my internet link to the world. There must be millions of people out there just like me, who love the browser but don't use the majority of its features. If I later decide that I want to try some additional features, it would be nice to have the option of reactivating the grayed-out menu items.

I'd love to know how other people feel about this idea, even if they don't like it. Thanks.


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Firefox policies

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  "policies": {
    "DisableMasterPasswordCreation": true,
    "DisablePrivateBrowsing": true

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