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There should be a dark theme for and

The latter is particularly important, since it is a protected page and addons like Dark Reader cannot touch it.

If you're worried about wasting developer time on designing this from scratch, you could cheat by using the Dark Reader npm library. There is an option to export the autogenerated CSS as a string (exportGeneratedCSS). You could use this as a starting point and modify/correct any of the mistakes the Dark Reader algorithms made.


Bonus points if you can make the light/dark themes switch based on prefers-color-scheme so it matches OS/browser theme settings.

Status changed to: Trending idea
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Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with an exciting update…

This idea has been upgraded to a “Trending idea.” This means it’s now one step closer to reaching our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey.

Please keep the conversation going (the more details, the better) and stay tuned for updates 😃

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Fix website backgrounds for and for Dark Reader

these are pretty much the only 2 webpages on the whole internet (lol) that don't work with the Dark Reader plugin. they blind me. i guess for some reason i'm on those pages often. it looks like Dark Reader adds a listener to the html tag, but for some reason it doesn't work on those 2. can someone who knows way more about javascript check that out? my eyes will have your babies. not in that way, gross

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Strollin' around

Just reviving this because it's still a major issue. The quickest (and most recommended) fix means allowing all extensions access to specific Firefox's protected pages. This is a clear security issue and antithetical to Firefox's principals. A conclusion can be drawn that many of Firefox user's who will not want to create their own userContent.css will be exposing themselves to this risk that Firefox is wholly responsible for? Nobody is asking for a work of art, just an MVP that doesn't burn my eyeballs out when I am trying to decide whether or not an extension is trustworthy at two in the morning.

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Dark Mode for Firefox sites

Official Firefox sites don't seem to allow Dark Mode extensions, so one should be provided. The sites are bright white and it's a literal eyesore. Please don't reach out to me about this, there's nothing to discuss here.

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Community Manager

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