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Status: New idea

I would like to request the creation of a firefox account separation form.
the idea is that when using the personal browsing profile, your history, favorite sites, searches are recorded only in this login.
and when using the work browsing profile this information does not appear by default.
if you want to access it you can do it using a menu to switch between profiles.

many times when working with websites for personal use, the browser suggests embarrassing situations depending on the type of website accessed.

this option would solve this problem (edge browser created something in this sense to separate profiles using a single user)

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Similar idea here: shortcut for different profiles 


Hi Pelitez, Firefox allows creating multiple profiles (meaning, multiple separate settings/data folders). But if you connect multiple profiles to the same Firefox Account, the data is merged. Right now, Firefox Accounts do not have the concept of supporting multiple profiles, you would need to create separate personal and work Firefox Accounts. You can do that if you have extra email addresses, but it certainly could be easier.

About multiple profiles:

Not applicable

Firefox already support different profiles: It just doesn't have a quick switcher.

Please close this idea.

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@PelitezI don't quite understand your idea.

There are seperate profiles already.

So what exactly do you suggest?:

1. The idea @Jon mentioned:

2. A (complicated) way of having profiles integrated in profiles (e.g. if you access a specific website, this or that profile is used).

3. Or is your problem completely different from profiles, because websites might show advertising etc. based on your IP address and maybe further system information? In this case I guess the only way to help would be using a VPN or change your IP more regularly (some providers allow that, while others don't) and use a way to mask your system info to websites (I am sure there some Firefox addons for that).