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Status: New idea

I've been using Firefox with the Firefox Account for synchronization, so when i reinstall i cant come back to how i left it, but one things missing, and that's is the Cookie exception List (i delete all my cookies on exit, so i have a hand-made list of adresses where i want cookies to be preserved), this could be saved into the account, or a way to save all the configuration into the account, that way if i just need to reinstall NOT because of errors with Firefox, i can still have all my configuration (when signing in with an account to Firefox, it can prompt if do you want to load the last configuration).

I tried searching for this option if it already exists, but i don't seem to find it.

New member

I totally agree with this idea = syncing the Cookies exception list.
It is tedious to manually copy the same list with so many entries to each device I use.
Personally I have a special excel file for this.

New member

Can you please include automatic synchronization of cookie exceptions in an upcoming release?

If not, please provide a manual means to export and import cookie exceptions.

Many users take great effort to customize their cookie exceptions, but they currently need to be manually recreated on each Firefox installation they use. This seems an unnecessary burden then you already have synchronization of passwords and other data between installations.