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Status: New idea

Initially raised at - still not sure if it's a bug or a "classic" feature request. Let's say it's not a bug, so here's the idea:

I was wondering why Thunderbird's columns do not adapt to screen size.

When I set all columns so they fit okay on a smaller screen (e. g. notebook internal screen), I expect the columns to take advantage of the increased space and adapt the column width relatively once I switch to a larger external screen.

Unfortunately, TB seems to store the column width in absolute values (pixels?) and keeps that setting, no matter which screen is used. See the attached image as an example (red box: completely unused space, the text is squeezed into the unnecessary narrow columns).

As I'm constantly switching between my notebook and a larger external screen, this really annoys me.

Thunderbird should instead automatically adapt the column width in relation to the screen size.
--> This way, e. g. column a which has 40 pixels on screen a with 1920 pixel of width resolution, should result in a 80 pixels width when TB is shown on a 3.840 pixel width resolution screen.
--> Currently it will stay fixed at 40 pixels, no matter what's the screen size.

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