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description of problem:
Videos in sites are often interrupted with long adds with no scroll option , user have to wait till add finishes to continue to watch. seeing adds when reading written content is one thing , but add breaks when watching videos is most boring and unpleasant experience and waste of time.

sites/channels that are visited most often by the user can be periodically checked for new videos, then video content might be buffered
on device flash memory and presented on demand without interruption.
Device in this context might be phone, smart TV, TV console, etc.
Buffering should be performed only if free Internet access is present (like WiFi/broadband/hot-spot) and could be done in background.

Stored videos might be presented by the browser in special library.
To avoid excessive content buffering - this can be done for specific channels, by channel subscription or sites that user specify interest.
Browser could suggest based on which channel is watched often.
Buffered content might be managed by simple means - delete, clean, periodical clean etc., limit of the MB for daily buffering etc., also pop-up notification from the library etc.

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