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It would be very good for protecting vision at night if we had the option to select an all-black theme for Firefox.  Hexadecimal color code: #000000 .  So all windows and all open web pages (except for text and buttons, the text should be white) should have the color #000000 .  I think it is the best color, I have been using it for many years for wallpaper. I don't want to install extensions, I do not like them, they slow down my computer  🙂  and most extensions do not satisfy me.  This theme can be integrated into the menu --Add-ons and themes-- (menu that exists in Firefox).    (!) Google translate, to be sure  🙂

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Dark theme already exists on Firefox, but if you'd like to set pages backgound to black and letters to white you can do it on Colors, on Settings > General, just scroll down till finding it and change its settings on Manage colors....

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The setting I choose in Themes & Extensions change back to a default after a reboot of my PC.  This is really annoying.