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Status: New idea

Hi, The Adress book is missing "profile management" per Address Book item, as a complement of "Filters" operation on the Message list item

IDEA= Define named"Profile" to attach to one or more Item (=single email or named list)

Usage 1: A named "send-with-confirmation" profile would define sending options (i.e. checkbox "on" for reception confirmation) when the email appears in the Send-to field of message.

Usage 2: A "copy-to folder" profile would define receiving options for messages received from some Address-book item (single or list member).

Usage 3: A "add-prefix-or-tag" profile would define a prefix or tag attached to the mails received from some Item.

Usage 4: Inside the Address Book interface, the "profile" would allow to order or filter or classify the "hundred" accumulated emails. For example: "family". "team" "no-priority" "hight-priority".

Usage 5: In the Create message or Inbox interfaces, a right-clic option would allow user to choose default or applied-once profiles from the Address Book Profiles.
This way, the user can attache multiple profiles, i.e. if the item belongs to a list, then 2 profiles may apply: the List-profile AND the Single-item-profile.

Hope this solution will be appealing for developpers and interface testers.

As a general comment: Thunderbird Interface is loosing the logic that allow to "communicate" with users. As a result, Thunderbird looks well, but become unusable in practice. Best example is the nightmare with threaded mails or columns that need to be applied to individual folders. The "implicit rule logic" inside a hierarchy of folders is that the properties applied to the root folder will ALWAYS propagate to children. And it's a pity that developers (or interface chief tester) did not noticed that Thunderbird becomes unusable for daily work.


Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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Hi Jon, thanks to you and to all who make Thunderbird a live software !

Just to add : the correspondent of outgoing or incoming mails with Address Book Profiles associations would appear with some mark and a right-click menu, so the user can skip or change the associations before sending a mail or after receiving mails. 

Otherwise, I think that Address-book profiles would share most code and logic with the Filtering interface, which applies to incoming mails, but Profiles would add a very-intuitive improvement for outgoing mails. Intuitively, there are 2 contexts differents : Filter level (for incoming mails only) and Address Book Profiles level (fon in-/outcoming mails).

Best regards !