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Status: New idea

I have these functions to block sender and report Phishing in Outlook. I want to have these in Thunderbird and the email client I use every day.

tenho essas funções de bloquear remetente e relatar Phishing no outlook .desejo ter essas

no Thunderbird e o cliente de e-mail que uso todo dia.

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Community Manager

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New member

2 options could be interesting for thunderbird

1 : the possibility of blocking a mail adress directly in thunderbird

2 : the possibility to modify an email received


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Email Sender Blocking

Due to the way Scammers and hackers are able to obtain almost any email address these days and send you who knows what, within an email, the function to be able to block an email address is really essential.

It is not enough that we receive an email and be able to delete it with filters and so on, the offending emails need to be stopped completely from entering the system.

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Community Manager

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Yes, we eagerly waiting for simple one click blocking option for sender.