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Status: New idea

Before Fenix (i.e: Firefox Android 68.x), Firefox Android was able to retrieve phone's storage using file:// URI. Now, in the current version of Firefox Android, if you attempt to access a file:// URI (example: file:///storage/emulated/0/ ) it will display a blank screen.

Chrome and Chromium-based browsers currently still support file:// URI.

A workaround for that (current version of Firefox Android) is to install a HTTP server app on Android (example app), open Firefox Android, and enter the displayed URL on the app like http://localhost:[port]/ ,[port]/ or http://[Local IP Address]:[port]/

Adding support for file:// URI is helpful/useful for web developers who need to open an HTML file in Firefox Android (either with experience or learning from it), especially for those with broken desktop and/or laptop computers. Affected extensions include SingleFile (compatible in Firefox Android, but not available in the list of Add-ons), which saves web pages as HTML and open them via file:// URI.

Making moves

What better place to see such a feature than on the "Firefox Nightly for Developers" app!

(It should nevertheless be considered for Beta and Daylight as well).

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I use FFx on Samsung A50 with Android 10. Please excuse my bad english.

On local filesystem i stored some html-files.

Trying to use files with no I-net-connection FFx only gives the info "Connection not secure".

In some thread "" i found this:

"3/16/21, 12:52 AM

Hi. This option is currently unavailable in Firefox for Android. It may be included in a future update."

But does mozilla work on this option? Someone wrote about "security reasons".. There are many questions over the years.

What explanation of this issue? Why is a local file, i decided to placed at local storage, more insecure than a website anywhere in the internet?

When mozilla dicides no longer to support local files on android, i think it is only fair first to give users an explanation, why this must be and then an advice how they could handle otherway their needs.

Dont know is this the right place. But where to find answers about future way of FFx. And can I find these answers in german language to better understand?

Is the way only to handle web-content and nothing else? Is it outdated to store local files on own devices?

The answers will influence the choice what software will be used. I think only restrictions are not the way. Users wants solutions for their needs.

Thank You all eventually looking to my questions.


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Chrome can open html files from other file explorer. The chrome will show a `content:...` url for these files.

But the relative link will not work in these cases; It would be better to have a **full** feature browser.