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Making moves
Status: Delivered

Sometimes websites require special characters or have other parameters. It would be nice to have firefox's password manager take this into account by letting the user control some options for the generation algorithm.

This was also mentioned by @Herobrine in another thread.

Status changed to: New idea
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Would be nice, most websites require a special character now kind of renders the suggestion feature useless

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Many sites requires presence of special characters in password, while FF's generates complex password without such characters. Would be good to add option to add special characters to FF's generated passwords.


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Instead of letting the users control some PW options it could also make sense to retrieve the PW requirements from the page. The attachment shows a screenshot where the page even shows the PW requirements and the mismatch with the PW suggested by FF.PW_Generation_Feature_02.png

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I like @firefoxRigge 's idea of retrieving password requirements. However, I believe there is probably no web standard for a web site to hint password requirements in a machine-extractable way.

An alternative is to make it so that the password requirements for each website can be crowd-sourced and added to a database that the Firefox password generator can use.

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add special characters to suggestions from firefox's password generator

Most sites require special characters in their passwords, I noticed that the idea is almost one year old, nevertheless the situation is remaining the same today.

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The year is 2023 and Firefox's suggested password still do not have special characters.

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El Navegador Firefox trae una opción al hacer click derecho de una sugerencia de contraseña segura. Muy buena opción. Pero estaría mejor si tuviera también caracteres especiales tales como: @o # o % . Lo que haría más seguras las contraseñas, en vez de tener sólo números y letras al azar. Saludos. Y gracias.

The Firefox Browser brings an option on right-clicking for a strong password hint. Very good option. But it would be better if it also had special characters such as: @ or # or % . Which would make passwords more secure, instead of just having random letters and numbers. Greetings. And thanks.

Strollin' around

I totally agree with the need for special characters, and would add the ability to tune the length of the PW.

Status changed to: In development
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Community Manager

Hi all,

Here with some exciting news...

This is being worked on and will be available soon—stay tuned for updates 😀