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Status: New idea

it is a place where we can send links,posts,messages,articles,images,documents and will appear across all linked devices
it will really ease my life

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Hey @Bawa

Are you looking for something similar to Sync?

More info here:

If that's not similar to the flow feature, let us know.


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Opera flow is a container/space where you can send links, text and files from your desktop. The container is then accessible by any phone that has the Opera browser, and is connected through the opera flow feature. The best I can describe it is like google keep notes, but having it being built into the browser makes it convenient.

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EDIT: It occurs to me that on Android if it were possible to replace the reader view button with a "Send to pocket" 1 click button that would provide a lot of this functionality.

---Original Post---

Here's my use case for this feature.

I read the news on my phone, using googles news feed (swipe left on the home screen).

When I tap an article it opens in my default browser (Opera).  If I want to review the article more in depth later I tap the flow button, a little confirmation animation plays then I move onto the next article.

Anytime later, on my desktop computer I click the flow button and a panel on the left side of the browser window opens with all the sites I wanted to read later.

It's a similar idea to pocket but here's the work flow on Android for comparison:

Opera's "Flow":

  1. Tap the flow button on the addressbar and watch the little animation play.

Firefox "Pocket"

  1. Tap the 3 dot menu button
  2. Tap the Share Icon
  3. Wait for it to load.
  4. Scroll to the right and find the "Pocket" Icon out of the 27 other tiny icons on this screen.
  5. Tap the "Pocket" icon
  6. Wait for the popup confirmation message to appear
  7. Tap the confirmation message to dismiss it.
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MS Edge now also has this feature. In fact they made it better. They call it "Drop" (

Why do I say they made it better?
They added Edge to the phone share menu. So if I am in other apps, and I want to share stuff. I can click the share icon and select Edge. This brings up another page where

1. if the stuff i want to share is a link/text, it gives option to open in edge.
2. But there is always the option to share to Edge drop no matter what the media I am sharing is (Link/text, image, file,...)

This feature as well as the excellent vertical tabs implementation is what keeps me in Edge even if I really like Firefox for everything else. My phone is an android and my laptop is a mac. This enables me to quickly share stuff between the two devices without headache.

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It's a good idea!

"Pocket" is separate application on smartphone. This is inconvenient to use.
For short time save data "Flow" or "Drop" very convenient to use.