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New member
Status: New idea

In my Thunderbird email window, if the sender field is of the form
John Doe <>
then the From field appears in lists (Inbox, etc.) simply as John Doe.

It would be a useful option to display the bracketed part as well.
I get daily spam of the form (I'm making this one up)
Microsoft <>
which is obviously spoofed from reading the address.
It would save time and I think enhance security if I could view that in a column without opening the email.

I understand there is a "Full Address Column" add-on for this, but it is unofficial; the need seems great enough to offer this functionality in a official version.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ronks if I'm understanding correctly, there may be a similar idea already posted here to Connect: new column for e-mail-address of sender 

If this aligns with your request, we can merge the threads (and combine the kudos) so the conversation stay focused in one space. Just let me know 😃

New member

Yes, the earlier suggestion looks like it offers the same option to verify a sender. I started using an existing add-on a couple weeks ago and already have spotted several deceptive From titles with it.