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Status: New idea

In the "Add-ons Manager" list, you can see an icon for Add-ons you've allowed in Private Mode.

But there's no such indicator to know which Add-ons allow Keyboard shortcuts from this list.

Of course I can click the Gear icon for the "Manage Extension Shortcuts" menu list. But in actual practice, finding this list is never intuitive.

In the snippet example below, three of them are clearly allowed in Private mode.
But not seen is that two of them (Duplicate Tab and find+), allow Keyboard shortcuts.
The same is also seen in the Add-on Details page.

ZStoner_2-1668294309338.png ZStoner_1-1668294253126.png

Request: Could a similar icon be added in these locations to indicate that the given Add-on has support for Extension Shortcuts?

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