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What's the point of categorizing #bookmarks into folders if it's so slow, cumbersome, and angering to scroll though many #folders when trying to find one to add a bookmark to?

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Thank you, Jon. 

I think Firefox could DOMINATE the business world as the #1 browser if they added features from Todist and Evernote.

Organization and quick information referencing is crucial in the information age.

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> "Folder Search"

That sounds like a good idea! +1 for that.


> added features from Todist and Evernote

IMO, those external services are where they belong, in the addon space, where every user can decide if he/she needs or wants them.

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It could be a "fast search" line, like in the Ctrl+f feature - visible as a line under (or above) the folder tree, just after expanding the "Location" box.

So it could use the existing fast search engine - it would be easier to implement.

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Why this hasn't been done yet is confounding! This is such a basic, necessary function, it's as if the designers don't actually do any bookmarking themselves.