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Hello Mozillians,

Since several years now, Firefox choose to make "Add Bookmark" window (Ctrl-D) a fixed size. I really like the workflow for the user of clicking on the url bar's star then choose a location in my bookmarks folder to save it.

That's the point where the user experience become cumbersome and, after a while, really infuriating especially on desktop.

The problem:

  • In most situations I need to click one more time to expand the "location" window. Sometime I doesn't need to, but if it were already expanded it wouldn't bother the user either. One less click in many situations, not a click more in any other situation. Win-win.
  • "location" window is way too small. On desktop I have a large screen but I am forced to, again, click and drag the side bar to painfully look for my bookmark folder. A 7 lines tall window for something like 30 lines tall bookmark folder (without sub-folders expanded).

To fix those issues, in "Add Bookmark" menu (Ctrl-D):

  • "Location" drop down menu should be expanded by default. Even if it is not always needed, it doesn't add supplementary click ever.
  • Last used location in "Location" should be remembered.
  • Remove the most used locations shortcuts we have now (or make it optional) in "Location" drop down menu. For me, those are rarely needed. I often need to go in a sub-folder anyway.
  • Make the "Add Bookmark" and more specifically the "location" drop down window resizable and/or larger. This is the most important modification.


On a side note, I did research how to resize this window. I found old posts and issues spanning several years and many subpar solutions about extensions (most doesn't exist anymore) or userChrome.css file to bypass this UI problem.

I hope it doesn't come to harshly on the Devs of Firefox. It's an amazing piece of software that I love.

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I totally agree about this dialog beeing too smal and not resizable, it's been bugging me for years.

Depending on your use case, the "Default Bookmark Folder" addon might help you get around this interface problem.
It has some features I don't care much about, like select where new bookmarks will be saved (can be a fixed folder, or last used folder).
The feature I really like is that it adds an icon to your toolbar, allowing to quickly bookmark the current page to a folder, with folder name autocompletion as you type. So if you have lots of bookmark folders but you know their names, it's really easier to use, compared to Firefox's native "add bookmark" dialog.

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And a big cheers to @SpringCatalogue , the CSS fix made this dialog way more useable for me !

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Please, I beg you. make it bigger! It's SO hard to navigate!



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I would like this window to be bigger too, I don't see why we can't quickly see the whole bookmark library when adding a bookmark.

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Even knowing that the "Add Bookmark Ctrl+D window" can't be enlarged, I've tried multiple times to expand it, in disbelief that it CAN'T be enlarged! 

So, every time I use the miniscule Bookmark window (and I do so daily), I cringe!  It's so darn hard to see and see & choose from all of my Folders (& more importantly) their multi-tiered Sub-folders to add a bookmark to!

Yes please:  "making resizable the Add Bookmark Ctrl+D window"!


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I love Firefoys an use it since years - with one important exception: bookmark handling is not userfriendly. The here discussed pop-up window is way too small, avoiding to see the context of the bookmark folder tree easily. The whole dialogue is kind of confusing and the sub window for "choose" is as small as the  root pop-up window.

In general I have bookmark Lesezeichen-Symboleiste, Lesezeichen-Menu, Weitere Lesezeichen and "choose" .... each time I need to remember what is what. Not intuitive at all. Why do I need a seperate Bookmark Menu different from bookmark symbol line??

The Bookmark management in the android version is even more user unfriendly.

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yes, yes, yes,  make it bigger. save my eyes and my sanity.

The ONLY reason I've never switches from Firefox has been because of your folder-based Favorites.

We are book publishers and do EXTENSIVE research - always a chapter at a time. A historical based book has research links saved in every book, in every chapters. it's extensive.

I have to look through the peep-hole of a drop down window to see my organization of folders and find the right one to use. Just make the window HUGE - fill 1/2 the screen so we can see our folders, subfolders and more.

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I have been waiting for years for FF to implement the functionality of "Add Bookmark Here" natively. It is the only major shortcoming of this browser for me, but somehow it does not get the attention it deserves. Anybody with a well-developed folder structure will have to endlessly click through folders and subfolder to save a new bookmark in the proper folder. The dropdown window should be fully re-sizeable to properly navigate the folder tree. There was an extension that allowed you to drag a new bookmark through the folder tree, but often when you hover over a folder too long it will then move that folder rather than save the bookmark.

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Please increase the size of the window to save bookmarks

Please increase the size of the window to save bookmarks
The current size is too small and it is inconvenient to search for the desired folder to save the bookmark. 



Making moves

The window for adding bookmarks is too small

This small bookmark window is very inconvenient for adding bookmarks. You can enlarge it appropriately to learn a Microsoft Edge



About recently used bookmark folders

Increase the count of the recently used Bookmark folders? can be useful to you

Configuration Editor for Firefox
Search browser.bookmarks.editDialog.maxRecentFolders default value 7
Enter a new value
Restart Firefox and test

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larger window for saving bookmarks

Managing Bookmarks gives you a nice big window to work in, but saving those bookmarks in the first place requires you to work in a very small window showing only six lines of bookmarks and their folders.  It can be disorienting.  I have accumulated quite a structure of bookmarks that I rely on, and when I enter a new bookmark I often have to scroll up and down through that little window several times before finding the desired destination folder.  It seems this would be an easy modification for Mozilla to make and one that would probably benefit many users.

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)



If you've tried browser.bookmarks.editDialog.maxRecentFolders, it's not related with the following



For information purposes

If you'd like to test userChrome.css
By way of example, you can adjust width and height and restart Firefox

#editBookmarkPanel {min-width: 1000px !important;min-height: 800px !important;}


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Please make the bookmarking menue window larger

Although lots of improvements were done on Firefox over the past years, nevertheless, the bookmarking window has remained the same.

it would be much more convenient if you would redesign the small window that opens up when you want to bookmark a page.
Please make that small window much larger so that it will show more bookmark folders when you open and click on "Choose".

Thank you,
Tigran P. ( I'm a committed user of FF for over 10 years)