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Status: New idea

Currently there is a "Help/Report Deceptive Site" there also needs to be a "Help/Report Non loading site" this needs to highlight security settings, and issues.  i.e. Ikea Canada, if you have 'Settings/Privacy & Security/Strict' you are not able to login to the site, with '/Standard' you are.  This feedback could allow the Mozilla devs to address 'key sites' or a add a new function that highlights the issue to the user, so they could add an exception for the site while maintaining /Strict for other sites.

Status changed to: New idea
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I just started using Firefox again as my default browser after many years ignoring Firefox because of issues loading some sites. I now find that there are still some sites that do not load and I cannot find a way to let Mozilla know what sites these are. So, I guess I'll just go beck to my old browser.