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New member
Status: New idea

Just like Brave browser, Firefox should have a feature to earn crypto token. By web surfing, people can earn crypto token. In that way, people will use firefox browser more than anything.

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Not applicable

I don't want tokens because I've gotten benefits from using Firefox that can't be expressed in numbers.

Familiar face

By what I read, crypto stuff costs much energy and sometimes can be a privacy fault, then probably it will also slow down the browser. For this it would be better an extension so who wants it will download it.

Making moves

No.. just no...

I'll plug the (current) last episode of Bad Voltage podcast where they talked about Brave just to paraphrase what one of the hosts said: I saw Brave, thought it was a great idea, then I saw that they did crypto stuff and ran away from the project and never looked back.

If Mozilla even thinks about touching crypto stuff (and I am not talking about security) users will run jump the Firefox ship faster than price of Bitcoin drops.

New member

I don't think this is a good idea, regardless of the way in which this would be implemented, be it crypto or some other form of reward. Using Firefox shouldn't be gamified. Artificial rewards shouldn't be the reason people use Firefox, a great browsing experience should be.

Strollin' around

This is not what Firefox stands for.

I think people use Firefox to have a convenient, useful and privacy aware browser, but nothing more. As Firefox seems the only alternative out there, i don't think anyone wants Firefox to go down this road.

Firefox stands up as the lighthouse among the homogeneous mist of chromium browsers, that try to bate users with lies and short living trends.

Making moves

You can earn crypto tokens by participating in tasks or activities on platforms that offer token rewards. Examples include completing surveys, watching videos, or participating in community forums.