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Youtube does not load

Making moves

Youtube does not load properly. I get grey squares instead of videos, no navigation buttons.Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 14.18.42.png


Making moves

same problem


Making moves

Same issue here. Yotube in Chrome works just fine. Firefox - what is up? Any developer ....



Any difference if you:

  • Reload the page bypassing cache (Shift+click the Reload button, or Ctrl+Shift+R)
  • Test in a private window*
  • Start on a specific video's page and then hit the home page

Some users report that YouTube is degrading the experience of users who block ads, but I don't know whether this is part of that story or some other problem.


* In a private window, since the site doesn't get my regular window cookies, I get the gray squares for a few moments, then they clear and there's a large message to start watching videos to build up a profile.


Making moves

I also have increasing issues with Firefox since about 2 months. Youtube Videos in higher than "low" resolution get stuck once I am skipping to any forward timestamp of that video. So for Youtube I have to use Safari now which works fine, no load or other performance issues.

Further more, and this is just since today, "Zalando" Website does not work anymore too: I can open a certain topic but none of its active buttons work anymore. Again, no such issues with Safari.  

(32GB Macbook Pro, always auto-installing latest Firefox version.