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Yandex and - commitment to an internet for all people on Earth?

Making moves

I wasn't born in Russia, I don't even speak it, I don't even use Yandex nor, but seeing that corruption and cancel culture has hit even Mozilla...that makes me very upset. What happened to your manifesto? How can you live with yourself? Do you imagine how much "happy" karma you're attracting? I wouldn't want to be in your position.

Bye bye, Mozilla. Your reputation is trash now. You'd better fix this mistake, revert it and make sure to apologize 5 years in a row for becoming a political puppet for NWO's agenda.


Making moves

Don't worry, they even screwed up here. In general, I don’t understand where Russophobia has to do with it. We will stick together, now it is certainly clear where the enemy is.

Не хвилюйся, вони навіть тут лоханулись. Взагалі не розумію причому тут русофобія. Триматимемося разом, тепер уже точно зрозуміло де ворожина.