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XULRunner - Could not determine any profile running in backgroundtask mode!

Making moves

So I did some digging on this problem and it appears it is a rather old one and appears to have been addressed several times.  I found something that worked for me, so I figured I would share it.

I've never had problems with this till recently.

In an effort to come up with a solution, I tried some of the suggestions is the older posts on the support site. (

After trying some of the suggestions there, I had no luck and wound up trying a firefox refresh instance.  Not an unistall/reinstall, just a refresh.

This got rid of the problem, but it also reverted all my custom settings back to default.

This is where I discovered what was causing the problem.

At first I went through and changed all my desired settings and then the fault started showing up again.

So I refreshed firefox again. I did this a couple times before I decided to just make one change at a time and close/reopen firefox each time to see if I could figure out where the problem popped up.

It was after I checked the, "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed" checkbox in privacy and security that the message began to show up again.

I tried this several times to prove it out and each time I checked it the fault occurred.  Each time I left it unchecked, the fault did not occur.  I continued with the rest of my customization and adding back all my extensions and still had no problem as long as I left that one option unchecked.

If you're using firefox, you probably care about privacy.  This is one of the no-brainer options that most people would want to have activated that are using this browser.  Hopefully someone involved with development can take a look at this and come up with a solution.  I like this browser and will just have to remember to manually delete from time to time but this is a good option to have available.

So, if anyone out there is still wrestling with this problem or anyone in a position to look into fixing this reads this, I hope it works out for you.