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Windows home screen keep on poping up when using Firefox on Windows 11

Making moves

I have an issue and would like to inquire in anybody else may have come across the same issue.

As soon as I start Firefox on my Windows 11 Tablet the Windows Home screen keep on popping up. As if you press the Windows key.

I thought it is the Windows key that is stuck or heat that mimic the pres of the home key on the table but the issue only happens when using Firefox.

Any ideas on this.

PS all plugins have been disabled etc and Firefox is on the latest version when the issue was found and when this content was created.

In addition to the above it seems while in this form the issue is also not appearing.


Making moves

Experiencing your Windows home screen popping up while using Firefox on Windows 11 can be disruptive. Try restarting Firefox, disabling add-ons, and clearing cache/cookies. If the issue persists, update your graphics drivers and run a malware scan. If the problem continues, consider reaching out to Firefox support for further assistance.