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Firefox doesn't load full PDF content

Making moves

When I open a big PDF file of TI on MacOS. Firefox just displays one page of this PDF. But the number of pages should be 18326. And I can load full content using Edge or other PDF readers.

I think that there is a bug due to PDFJS.





I assume as you scroll down, you see a progress wheel as Firefox renders pages on demand?

I assume that is done to reduce memory use, since Firefox (through the pdf.js JavaScript library) is converting each page of the PDF to a web page with an image background and transparent text overlay. For large documents, especially if they were created using a scanner, it's more efficient to save and view outside the browser in an application that handles PDF natively.

But maybe Firefox should still be able to show the total page count. You could check whether an issue has been filed for this on

Yes, I'm scrolling down, but the progress wheel is only one page long. And the scope (or length?) of the progress wheel will not grow longer when I scroll down. Becasue I can't scroll to any new page number using my mouse wheel.

Maybe you are right, it is to reduce memory usage. But I think firefox should auto switch to a new page when I scroll down, instead of limiting me to a fixed page. It doesn't seem like a good feature... Because my mac has 32GB of RAM and plenty left. Maybe firefox (or pdf.js) shouldn't reduce memory use.👿

PS: I haven't found a similar issue in pdf.js' github. And I'm not quite sure if this problem is due to pdf.js