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Windows 7

Making moves

I am running windows 7 and at 95 I hate to go up to windows 10 or 11. I have used Firefox since 2004. I have the manual and the disc for Firefox 1.0. You keep updating and I keep losing information. I think it was in the spring I updated and lost ALL my bookmarks. Now I cannot go into some sites (i.e. Lowes) because I am denied access. Is my only solution to go to windows 10-11? Is there a way around this access denied? Sure would like an email reply if there is. thanks. Marjorie


Making moves

Although I am only 85, I agree that some leeway is needed for those of us who are not in a position or condition to learn a new browser nor purchase a new computer. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee to be able to keep running Windows 7. I also discovered that Windows 10 32 bit will soon no longer be an option. My computer is 32 bit.


Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 will be supported for another year through the Extended Support Release of Firefox 115. Then Firefox won't be updating any more on Windows 7. This is similar to the situation with Windows XP and Vista which stopped getting updates after the Extended Support Release of Firefox 52.

Regarding data loss during updates, that shouldn't happen. I suggest posting that problem on the Mozilla Support site. They have a team of support volunteers to troubleshoot malfunctions with your currently installed version of Firefox, while this site is focused on idea submissions for future versions of Firefox (looking ahead anywhere from 8 weeks to many months). Here's a link to the new question form (for Windows/Mac/Linux):