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Why so pushy with the post update stuff? Is this only on Beta branches?

Making moves

Firefox resets my Firefox Color theme about 2-3 times a year, such as today on the beta branch with version 106. Why is this necessary? During the wizard, I clicked specifically "skip this step" for the theme picker, and right after that it reset back to the default white. And what's the point of pinning private browsing? I wouldn't even be writing this if it didn't cause me additional work just to get back what I had previously. I love Mozilla and no plans to switch browsers again, but I don't feel the same energy from Firefox than like 2 years ago. Quantum, Project Servo, etc were really exciting and the platform felt genuinely superior. I don't like the new design, I miss the silly dinosaur on the not found page, I miss the ability of a dropdown menu at the end of the addressbar, yet I am asked to set my theme every 5 versions, I am perfectly happy with the last one, thank you.

Could this be specific to being on Beta? I signed up because I was enthusiastic about the new performance improvements, and for many months now, I don't really see a benefit to it, I was just lazy to switch back. Thank you for hearing me out!


Making moves

Yeah, it would be great if they'd stop trying to be cute and "helpful" and just be, oh I don't know, a web browser.

I see the point that they have to try things, because just being a web browser, while being a nonprofit company and not be backed by big tech, nor having a massive market share, is probably not enough for survival. They could start that however with a "would you like to even bother?", or at the very least don't behave unexpectedly, and skipping a step should not revert settings to default

Making moves

I edited this post; before there was a complaint here about the "thanks for loving Firefox" welcome tour wizard and its slow animations and that it couldn't be skipped. I just found out it's just another browser tab and can just be closed.