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My only gripe with Firefox for iOS

Making moves

I'm a fan of Firefox for MacOS due it's privacy features and ability to remove all bloatware, but with Firefox on iOS, there aren't that many privacy options- the main one I lookout for is: "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed", which is my favorite thing on Firefox, this is however not available on the iOS app, and the Focus version of the browser doesn't have support for tabs, so my only real option on iOS is the Brave browser, as it has the option to clear cookies and other site data when I close the app. I also miss the functionality to add extensions such as uBlock Origin on iOS which I know is more of a limitation of iOS than Firefox itself.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing this feedback, @67sunglasses! That's what the community is for. A couple similar ideas have been posted here:

Clearing Cache in IOS 

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Feel free to upvote and add your input there too—that will help the ideas reach our product teams for review.