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Why So Many?

Making moves

Why are there so many instances of FF running and ALL at the same time, and at least half of them taking up memory / RAM.

Chrome and Edge don't do this, so why does FF.

It kind of like makes it look like sloppy programming.

See attached picture.


Making moves

Why isn't anyone saying what to do about this?! I'm having this issue daily. Still do. Please help.

Making moves
  • "Just a lot to share, I guess." (Light and playful)
  • "Maybe I got carried away a bit." (Admits a slight oversight)
  • "Happy to provide options!" (Focuses on helpfulness)
  • "Is there a preferred amount?" (Puts the ball back in their court)
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Making moves

Meaning that since there is empty memory not being used, let's just use it up.  Great idea if the computer was only running FireFox.  Of course, if you are going to run other apps, well that just too bad for you. Calculadora Alicia.