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Why so many updates?

Making moves

Is something wrong with the Firefox Team that the browser needs to be updated several times in a week?

Would it not be prudent to let updates accumulate and then proceed with a request for an update?  When there is a security update which might result in damage then I can see rolling that particular update out right away.



There is a regular monthly update, and the in-between updates are to fix whoopses that weren't detected in testing or weren't expected to affect very many people (but it turns out they did).

The updates are chronic to the point of assuming firefox is infected and needs uninstalled.

The updates are becoming annoying

Making moves

I'm done. I came here to share feedback to Firefox devs - I'm switching back to Chrome after years of being a FF user because I get update prompts several times a week and if I don't respond right away, the browser freezes. It may seem like a small factor but it's disruptive and I can lose data + focus.

I would happily PAY for a browser like FF that didn't constantly interrupt my workflow or freeze but I'm sick of this so it's Chrome. I think Firefox forgets that people actually use browsers to work on - I don't want their fancy extra features and complexity - i want stable and fast. I used to value privacy but if it is going to be like the 2022 Firefox, I don't care any more.