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Why ? Mozilla WHY ?

Making moves

why Did you destroy an excellent, easy to use email program with this 115.xx BS. It's an absolute mess, marginally usable and nothing like the old Tbird. Bugs?, oh yeah! Try using export from old TB to import on new TB. Just what someone moving into a new 'puter (Me) would do. What a mess. Missing emails, missing folders, restart... now have duplicate folders, and all emails gone. Emails have also disapeared at Gmail, wow Ive been hacked by Thunderbird!!

I have now found info, by way of Google, that "export/import may not work"! Hey developers, IF IT DOESN'T WORK, REMOVE IT.

I've used Tbird for 10+ years, but Sadly Tbird is over, it looks and works more like crapware.

Sorry if I may have offended anyone. But considering what you've done to TB......🖕




Making moves

I was able to recover my emails from my local folders. But all others were lost during the export/import disaster, including all my emails at Gmail. I'd sure like to know how you did that.
I've been with Mozilla since before it was Mozilla (yeah I'm that old). Thanks for Netscape and all that followed. But I no longer trust Mozilla products. I've found a couple of nice browsers to choose from and for now I guess I'm stuck with outlook.
Thank you it was a nice run (until now).

and "Thanks for all the fish"