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Why just why?

Making moves

Ever since most recent update you can't resize download window width.Why would you take that option away?


Making moves

Agree with that.

Same problem here, it's annoying when you use something like video playing and, overlay with download window to check if download is finished or not.

Making moves

Same question


Sorry, the code for the "Library" window size was changed to work like dialogs in the Settings/Preferences page, which have a minimum width and height, as part of a fix for window content not resizing properly. I suspect it was not tested by enough people to know that some people find the window to be too large now. There is work under way to change this, but I don't know how soon Firefox will get updated (maybe in December? maybe in January??).

Until then, there is a method to work around it if it's enough of an irritant to you. Please see this thread for more information:

Making moves

Ah, really nice, THX, it seems that 110.0 Firefox version now fixed this problem. 👍

Happy with that !!! 😊

Maybe next time, a faster response ? (Even if I know it's not easy, sometimes). 😉

Making moves

More than possible resizing, would be nice to keep  latest dimensions, if possible.