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Why is there an update EVERY SECOND DAY?

Making moves

I get notifications of updates almost DAILY. Once one update has been processed, sure enough the next day it asks for ANOTHER update. I mean, how bad can it be that Mozilla has to make updates DAILY? Seriously, cut it off.


Making moves

Not just every day, but I just updated and restarted, only to have another popup window ask me to download the latest version, as the update I just did, was loading!!  WTF? Why didn't it update me to the most recent version the first time??  Since I had a lot of windows open, it took a good long while, having to go through the download & restart process, twice in five minutes.... does this make any sense, whatsoever?

Making moves

I have Firefox 78.15.Oesr.  I got a popup prompt to update my Firefox browser.  When I manually opened my Firefox Browser "About Firefox" it told me that my version was up to date.  I suspect that someone may be mimicking Firefox with malicious "update" software.  Be careful about update prompts.