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Why is OldTwitter rejected?

Making moves

There is an add-on called OldTwitter that restores Twitter's ugly layout to its former, easy-to-use layout.

There is also a Firefox version of this add-on, but it has been removed by Mozilla and cannot be installed from the add-on store at this time.

The author has complained about this on Twitter (now X) that he has been removed multiple times and that his explanations of the code have not been accepted.

This add-on has not been rejected by the Google Chrome Web Store and has even received a Featured badge, so I don't understand Mozilla's response.

If Mozilla is simply rejecting add-ons that are inconvenient for the company, like Apple, then such self-righteous behavior has led to Firefox's dire situation, with less than a 10% market share, and Firefox users should be aware that no one wants such behavior.



Making moves

Bump. This is a add-on I love near and dear to my heart and seeing it being completely killed off from being able to be on the Firefox marketplace hurts my heart.


I don't have access to the correspondence between the author and the reviewer, so it's really impossible to know whether there is a solution to get the extension re-approved. This Reddit thread also didn't have the critical details:

I am concerned by reports on the author's Github that X has been banning some users of the extension (for example, I don't know whether that has been resolved in the latest releases (these are not signed, so can only be run using one of the temporary workarounds: