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Why is firefox so slow

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I have one tab open and all settings are default but no matter what I do Firefox has a latency that is extremely annoying. Even hovering a a button takes a long time before the buttons changes color or whatever effect the specific website has for buttons. Typing is slow as well. Not my PC cause all other browsers:

is fast. I prefer Firefox because of its dev tools but this is insane and forcing me to start using Chrome instead. Why the latency I have no extensions installed and no other themes enabled and like I said it's not my PC I have a fairly good machine and on other browsers it works perfectly, just not FF


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Cant use Firefox at all today 11/4. It won't do anything.  Can only use to Chrome right now.  Sure hope they fix it

Since this isn't happening universally, my Linux install of Firefox works just as well as ever, this is not something "they" are going to fix so much as an issue locally you would have to fix.

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It would be helpful in order to help you when having issues like this if you could indicate what operating system you are using. Windows probably has some sort of something and the same with macOS that is liable to cause interference with its use locally. These systems and their necessary security measures might be the culprit, which is not something I would know as I use Linux thus anything that could be to blame would be of my own doing and not bundled with the OS but I know this differs for the paid OSes. Also any network wide firewall or adblock might be to blame (Pi-Hole blocks the telemetry and makes Notion a resource hog as it tries spamming for a line home, for example)

Also if you are using extensions, does restarting from about:profiles with add-ons disabled help? If so it is an extensions based issue and you need to disable something.

For what its worth, on my NixOS system, Firefox is by far the fastest traditional browser as Chrome and the derivatives you list as alternatives run sluggishly comparatively even with Firefox loaded with extensions.

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After the latest update every time I refresh FireFox it gets stuck and I have to wait like a minute almost before I can use it again. I should just switch to Chrome or Opera or Brave or God forbid Edge

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Same here! I'm just using for browsing, youtube and twitch. But for some reason it's using so much power, and processing. This didn't occur when I had only 8Gb of ram, But I changed that quite a long ago, and the problem is very recent. I don't know what got over there.