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Why are those updates more and more bothering me, I'm thinking about another browser!

Making moves

Recently I did the update of Firefox to because more and more pages were giving errors.

Long story short: I regret it so much, I think, I will move on to e.g. Opera (I don't like Chrome)

• I was using the classical design in Firefox. It's gone. OK, maybe it's my personal taste, but noone has the right to order me to love another taste.

• Not only the design is broken, the arrangement of the commands has changed. E.g.: Delete a link from the favorites is now so intuitivly sorted away, that I have to search for it, every time, I need it.

• Add-Ons get destroyed: My "remove paywalls clean" was absolutely neccessary, here is the only newspaper in a circle of 200km diameter with a paywall. So, I'm now disconnected from local informations.

My UBlock Origin had an impressive filter list. Good thing, I exported it to sort it an install on another computer, if not this would have been lost too

• Settings of Add-Ons are not synced: Thank god this bug existed, so I had to copy my UBlock settings on an USB Stick and transfer it (nearly like in medival times, my mounted messenger was on holiday, so I had to use an USB Stick) onto my notebook. If this bug wasn't an issue, the last point would have been a problem...

• Firefox for Android doesn't save any settings, so I have to set up any device from the scatch

• Firefox for Android has a quick preview mode, is´f I tap on an externernal URL (e,g, one, I sent myself via mail or Whatsapp), it opens in an uncomfortable Preview window. To open a link in a new tab, I have to tap on "Open in Firefox" Well, I set FF as the default browser, so here we are, you don't have to ask it every time...

• It's always bothering me: If I have to enter a new password in Android, there is always a field saying "Firefox entsperren" (unlock Firefox). No matter, if I tap on it, nothing happens, it's only in my view like an unwanted Youtube popup advertising


• Yesterday, I recognized, that Thunderbird was missing some mails in my inbox. Well, I'm using another program on my Android devices.

OK, one of my mail providers (1&1, that is running GMX and did not yet actualise their certificates.

So, it's not dirctly Thunderbirds fault. But there is neither an error message, nor a warning, not even a question to ignore it or continue. Just no mails. If this would have been my only mail program, this bug could have been costing much money.

Anyway, because someone of the update designers thought, it would have been funny to group all conversations and there is no global setting to deactivate it, I finished my many years long relationship to Thunderbird and have a new partner in my life: Opera mail ❤️



No thanks, I don't want to search for hours to fix these issues, either it works like before the update or I look at it as an bugful bugfix.




Making moves

left empty intentionally...❤️